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From 11 (10:00 CET) to 14 November 2021 (00:00 CET), find our online film broadcasts on this page

Hunt for the Masala Dosa – Udupi, 15’18”, by Ravi et Prashant

This humorous and quirky documentary film leads us to the city of Udupi in Karnataka, which shelters a temple where food is distributed for free to the pilgrims. Udupi is also considered as the place of origin of the famous masala dosa, the Indian pancake.

The Great Real Indian Kitchen, 19’21”, by Dinu Oruvannoor

Shot in response to The Great Indian Kitchen, which depicts the enslavement of a new bride in a traditional Keralan household (screening in Pôle Sud on November 12, 8:25 p.m.), The Great Real Indian Kitchen films the everyday domestic life of a family of Indian expatriates in Kenya. Here the couple shares the household chores on a more egalitarian footing.

Juice, 15′ by Neeraj Ghaywan

Sick and tired of slaving away with her female guests in her stuffy little kitchen while the men are gorging on food and bad-mouthing their female boss in the airconditioned living room, a housewife rebels. When drinking fruit juice becomes a militant deed…

Dhulo – The Scapegoat, 25′, by Tathagata Gosh

In a little Bengali village, the slaughter of a goat aggravates the conflict between Hindus and Muslims. While the men savagely murder each other, two women join forces and flee their homes in search of a better, albeit uncertain future.

PolitiCow, 26′, by Vladimir Loncar et Noémie Verdon

Enriched by an interview of the eminent Indian historian Romila Thapar, this documentary investigates the origins – between religion and politics – of the sacred cow and opens a door to social and activist movements in India.

Caste on the Menu Card, 21′, Collectif

Mainly shot in Bombay-Mumbai, this documentary film was banned in India. By means of a series of interviews, it illustrates how the consumption of beef becomes a factor of social discrimination and helps to consolidate the caste hierarchy.

Bete, 11′ by Ganesh Shetty

Bete depicts a rural Kerala, where time seems to have come to a stand still. The farmers till the earth as in olden times and perform their ceremonies in harmony with the bountiful nature around them. But sudden gun shots put an end to this dream…

Inqilab – Revolution, 2′ by Pranav Premani

The sound and the fury – agricultural workers organize a protest.

Q&A session with the directors of Caste on the Menu Card and Dhulo

With the participation of the directors of Caste on the Menu Card and Tathagata Ghosh (Dhulo), moderation Noémie Verdon and Keerthigan Sivakumar